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A. Campaign Major Issues:

I.   Courtroom Ethics and Prosecutorial Reform Legislation

II.  Homelessness and Humanitarian Crisis Legislation

III. Constitutional, Due Process, and Equal Justice Rights Legislation

IV.  Protection of DACA and Comprehensive Immigration Reform

V.   Protection of American Civility and 2nd Amendment Rights

1). There is massive misconduct and corruption committed by Prosecutors and dishonest Judges and I will work to put an end to courtroom corruption:

  • I am for the good men and women that serve in law enforcement
  • I believe that every qualified American has the right to bare arms
  • I support the brave men and women of ICE and I support Border Security

2). Despite the Billions and Billions of dollars allocated to combat the homelessness crisis, the problem gets worse every year and Americans want change:

  • I will fight to make sure that no child, woman, or man, should be homeless and living in their cars or on the streets
  • I will work to create a community paid Consortium Model to prevent state and city officials from mismanaging Federal dollars  
  • I believe in a small Government and decreasing business regulations

3). The Democrats use of undocumented individuals to vote in U.S. Elections is wrong and harms American civilians by unlawfully affecting U.S. laws:

  • I will help pass laws to end the illegal voting activities in California
  • I believe in Civility and restoring California to its beautiful origins
  • I will work to make sure the Future of America is in American hands

4). The California Constitution and the Rule of Law is not being upheld by the California officials. This violates 14th Amendment and Due Process laws and I will fight to restore and uphold the United States Constitution:

  • I believe all Americans must have Constitutional Protections and Rights
  • I will push Congress for legislation to Prohibit unequal application of law
  • All civilians must be presumed innocent unless found to be guilty

5). Extreme Left-wing State and Federal Representatives are publicly telling undocumented people to come to the United States and rush the borders. These actions have jeopardized DACA and legal immigration by creating a manufactured National Crisis along U.S. Mexico border:

  • I am for Pro Comprehensive Immigration Reform and protection of DACA
  • I believe that legitimate asylum seekers who are in serious danger should be allowed to enter the United States
  • I am against allowing criminals, gangs, and none vetted foreigners to enter the United States. 

B. Rule and Analysis of the Issues:

1). How can Judges and Prosecutor's actions destroy the rule of law and the Constitution? Easy, the basic premise of the Judge and Prosecutor's work is based on honesty, non-bias, and without prejudice. They are responsible for upholding the Rule of Law and the Constitution but when they don't uphold the law - Nothing happens to them. As a result, corrupt Judges and Prosecutors have protected their jobs by using the Immunity Clause as a weapon against the Constitution and the people. Civil Asset Forfeiture, False Imprisonment, Fraudulent Charges and Investigations, and massive targeting of disadvantage citizens are all too common - American Blacks men represent 30% of the Prison Population, however; Blacks represent only 12% U.S. population. The United States comprise 5% of the World Population but Judges / Prosecutors incarcerate over 25% of the World's prisoners right here in the U.S.A., our own people. See Article: Washington Post  

2). The Governor and the Attorney General are responsible for overseeing the State of California and its vision. Tax Payers and the Federal Government have granted Billions and Billions of dollars to fix the homeless problem, however; homelessness has surged upwards and now it's a public crisis with children, teenagers, women, men, and entire families living in the streets and in their cars. These Billions of dollars have fallen into the hands of corrupt city and state entities that write policies and procedures to keep the money circulating to themselves and their friends. See Article: Bloomberg  

3). The recent Honduran Migrant Caravan was paid and backed by left-wing democrats. This was an attempt to shame the President and Democrats voted against signing a bill for emergency border funding over 18 times. Women were being raped, six small children lost their lives, millions of dollars in damages to both Mexico and U.S. borders, and the new far left-wing U.S. representatives, using their voice piece, the Main Stream Media, advised all immigrants to rush the U.S. borders and they would give them Free Healthcare and other remedies. This was a slap in the face for Legal Immigrants and even DACA tenured individuals who the President was trying to accommodate. As it turns out, the left-wing Democratic Socialists used undocumented migrants for voting purposes only. A Harvard study in 2017 shows that over 5.7 Million Undocumented individuals voted in 2008 for Barack Obama and for Hillary Clinton in 2016. See Article: Washington Post  

4). The Department of Justice (DOJ) and many other California Government Agencies (CGA) have adopted illegal policies and procedures to not investigate citizens complaints made against corrupt police and Government enforcement officials. This includes corruption by California's top agencies such as the United States Attorneys Office, the FBI, and police working for the Department of Consumer Affairs. Tampering with evidence, entrapment, lying, fraud, collusion, harassment, and making false reports are common and none of these crooked officials are held accountable. A small glimpse into this massive problem was identified by Tulsi Gabbard when she hammered Kamala Harris during a live debate on television. See Article: The Federalist

5). U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz shows a video on his twitter account depicting thousands of Honduran citizens being paid and lining-up to form the Migrant Caravan. The Caravan was sponsored, paid for, by Pueblo Sin Fronteras, a far left-wing radical group controlled by the Democrats and the DNC. Again, this type of corruption and humanitarian crimes really suck the wind out of legal immigration and DACA individuals seeking U.S. residency. See Video: Matt Gaetz Twitter Feed 

C. Conclusion and Resolution

If I am elected, I will push for my Anti-Judiciary Corruption Legislation to restore Judicial Confidence to the American People. I will also seek to pass legislation to create community oversights of federally funded projects using a community Consortium model to oversee these crucial dollars that never make it to the community. This will assure that state and government officials are acting in the best interest of the community and proper accountability. I will push for DACA residents to become citizens and push for legislation to stop and/or enforce laws prohibiting undocumented individuals from voting in American Elections. I will also push for laws providing needed Pathways and Restitution for American Civilians whose lives were ruined by Government corruption and abuse of power - I will push Congress to provide monetary damages to every single American that were affected and wronged by criminal entities controlling government agencies in general. Don't forget about the American Dream and vote Earley...

Legislation Targeting Courtroom Corruption:


                                          DISHONESTY IS A BAD POLICY



I.   New Anti-Corruption Judiciary Legislation:

If Elected, I will push Congress to pass legislation to RESTORE Judicial Integrity and Prosecutorial Ethics within the Third (Judicial) Branch of Government. The American people have witnessed a myriad of intentional high-crimes and very dishonest testimony and harmful lies that were "extremely" common and used on a daily basis in these work settings. 

II.  Ninth Circuit Judge Supports Earley's Legislation:

Judge Alex Kozinski is one of our nation’s most prominent appellate judges until he recommended prosecuting the prosecutor for flat-out lying. See Article: The Washington Post featuring Kamala Harris Deputy Attorney Generals lying to the Ninth Circuit Court (click the link above). Prosecutors and Judges hold tremendous power, more than even most jurors. Dishonesty is a very bad policy when it comes to Judges and Prosecutors Lying:

A. New Anti-Judiciary Corruption Legislation Targeting Judicial Employees Misconduct

B. New Anti-Judiciary Corruption Legislation Targeting Prosecutor Employee Misconduct

C. New Anti-Corruption Legislation will use mandatory Lie Detector Polygraph testing with a human component to restore honest judges and prosecutors 

D. Mandatory Polygraph questions will be based on the Judge or the Prosecutor's Case Load and Assignments

E. The Anti-Corruption Judiciary Legislation and mandatory Polygraph testing is key to restoring True Justice and preventing Government officials and employees from abusing their powers like we have witnessed in the last few years.

III.  Conclusion:

Lying and paying people to lie and cheat the innocent Public is a National Disgrace and this is the basic foundation and basic element that supports Corruption. Judges and Prosecutors must be free of bias and prejudice in order to do their job. Unfortunately, this is not so; the Judiciary System has fallen into corrupt hands and criminal entities. This legislation will prevent corruption by placing checks and balances on these employees. Don't forget the American Dream and Vote Earley...

Physician Assistant Billy Earley for Congress

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California is engaged in more corruption and has passed legislation to keep citizens from voting Republican and for President Donald Trump.

Please click on the link below to make sure you are registered republican and get your friends to vote in Republican Leadership in your District.








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