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Biography of Billy Earley

Billy was born and raised in the State of California and he attended High School at Manual Arts High School. Billy grew up and lived in the Jordan Down Projects in the city of Watts; then, one of the most notorious gang-infected locations in the State. Billy's family has advocated for the community of Watts and South Central Los Angeles for over 35-years and one of his brothers wrote the Gang Truce Peace Treaty which brought peace between the Crips and the Bloods. Billy cares about people and he believe in fairness, life, liberty, and justice for all Americans.

Education / Accomplishments

1.   Graduate of Los Angeles Trade Technical College,

2.   Graduate of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science,

3.   First Physician Assistant in the State of California to own a Physician Assistant Corporation (Clinica Medica Familiar),

4.   Highly Fluent (Reading/Writing) in Spanish and the Castilian Language,

5.   Producer/Singer of Spanish Music - Billy sold 10,000 CD's (Azucar Caliente),

6.   Book Author/Writer of several works (The Gods of the Bacteria),

7.   Inventor of multiple patents (Advanced Combat Uniform for Medics),

8.   Don Francisco Presentations (Winner) on Sabado Gigante televised shows,

9.   National Adviser for Black Doctors Matter (BDM),

10. National Adviser for the American Pain Institute (API),

11. Advocate for the World Sickle Cell Federation (WSCF),

12. Ambassador/Contributor for Doctors of Courage (DOC),

13. Legal Practitioner and Lay Attorney specializing in both State and Federal statutory and Constitutional laws, and lastly

14. Billy is a Healthcare Advocate and a strong community driven person that will put his focus and trust in serving and protecting California's 44th District.


Billy Earley Physician Assistant for Congress


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